3 Steps WVP International Follows Resolves WVP Complaints

In immigration and visas industry where fraud is very common,WVP International runs by the strong policy of customer satisfaction. Our foremost aim is to function and mould the process as much as we can as per the convenience of our users. Many factors have been kept in mind to ensure client satisfaction.

It has always assisted customers in the best way possible to get their visas and immigration to the country of their choice.

  1. Carefully Listen and Understand Complaints:

The customer relationship department, on receiving a customer complaint, speaks and carefully listens to what the client has to say without being defensive. Understand the issue and what the client wants – whether he/she has something against the process consultant or wants a refund or anything else. It is taken into consideration and is amicably resolved.

All customer relationship members use the best state-of-art technology to resolve WVP complaints at the earliest.

  1. Elevate to Supervisors if Required:

After listening to the customer complaints, the case is elevated to any supervisor if required. Be it regarding immigration, visas, job search service, or whatever – every client’s say is taken seriously. Therefore, it is elevated to the immediate team lead or manager for resolution. It instills a sense of importance in the client.

  1. Resolve Complaints and Send a Written Confirmation:

When the case is transferred to the department heads, they carefully look in to the case. Check the agreements, the deliverables promised and delivered and the complaint raised by the client.  Based on case status, they come with a solution and resolve the issue keeping client’s satisfaction in mind.

WVP has a strong customer relationship department that works with a objective to provide guidance and support of the highest standards at all times.

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