Express Entry- An Option to Migrate To Canada

Canada is a country with good employment opportunities, prosperous economy, and high living standards. In fact, Canada is the first name that comes to the mind, when we discuss the countries which provide high-quality job options, education, good living standard, and travel. Canada always welcomes immigrants from all parts of the world and so it offers visa under various categories. A system that helps the skilled workers to get their dream job is Canada Express Entry program. This program introduced in January 2015 with the aim of making the immigration process hassle-free for the skilled workers. This program helps the skilled workers to apply for a job in order to attain permanent residence status in Canada. This express entry is an electronic system and so, interested applicants can easily apply online if they want to make a move.

The professionals having good experience can benefit from this system, as they can easily find their dream job in Canada by creating an online profile with all necessary information. After creating the profile online, the application directly moves into the pool. All the candidates who have applied for a job under express entry system are kept in the pool and the candidates are ranked against each other. This ranking is based on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS).

CRS analyses the applications on their age, education, job profile, experience, skills, etc. The profiles with top positions are sent invitations from immigration authority for Canadian immigration and later, they apply for Permanent resident status. The applicants with top rank have a high probability of getting the invitation.

How Express Entry Program works

The express entry is only used for managing the application of candidates that are applying for Canadian immigration under different visa categories.

The different visa programs are as follows:

• Federal Skilled Worker Program,
• Federal Skilled Trades Program,
• Canadian Experience Class, and
• Other provincial nomination programs.

Out of all programs, Canadian Experience Class or CEC is a permanent resident category for the skilled people who have work experience in Canada. If you are looking for a good employment opportunity in Canada, you can apply under express entry system to get instant approval on your application. To know more about Canada Express Entry, Canadian Experience Class, you can contact WVP International, a leading immigration company. We also provide immigration service for Canada.

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