WVP International Complaints? Not in My Case: My Immigration Triumph

Hello everyone, I am excited to share my extraordinary journey with WVP International in Nehru Place, Delhi, and my immigration consultant, Shagun. My quest for the Canadian PR immigration program began in July 2021 when I decided to chase my dream of living in Canada. Initially, with a score of 411. I fell short of the required cutoff scores which were around the 430 marks.

That is when Shagun my consultant and guide at WVP International stepped in. She recommended that I retake my IELTS exam in June 2022, and the results were astonishing—I scored a remarkable 472. After that, my immigration process went really smoothly, and I finally received my PR visa in September 2022.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Shagun for her unwavering dedication in handling my application. Throughout the journey she was my beacon of knowledge. She is always ready to patiently answer my questions no matter how numerous or complex they were. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable Shagun is friendly, approachable, and exceptionally patient.

It is crucial to understand that the success rate and processing time for obtaining a PR visa can vary significantly based on your unique profile, test scores, and documentation. If you ever find yourself uncertain about the documentation and filing process my heartfelt advice is to seek the invaluable assistance of WVP International.

Now, you may have come across WVP International complaints online. I too read some negative feedback on the internet. However, I want to emphasize that my experience with WVP International was overwhelmingly positive. Shagun and her team ensured that my case was handled with utmost care and professionalism.

For those considering WVP International for their immigration needs I wholeheartedly recommend requesting Shagun as your immigration consultant. Her professionalism, friendly nature, and quick responses will make your immigration journey an unforgettable and joyful experience. Shagun does not just facilitate immigration she transforms it into a remarkable adventure, filled with hope, anticipation, and ultimately, success.

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