Know More About WVP International Fraud Protection Policy

WVP International has launched an anti-fraud policy to help people with malpractice. In this immigration industry; people often fall for scams. As the common man does not know about the complex process of immigration; they always look for help. And the scammers take the advantage of this situation and make things worst for them.

They come up with help for the people who are willing to apply for immigration. During this course; they extract money after providing false promises and then just vanish without helping. Many times the people don’t have proper knowledge about the immigration process. They mislead the aspirants by forging identity cards of any leading agency as the representative. They cant help properly and mislead them during the process. As the result; they don’t get any success in immigration. Moreover, they think that the leading consultancy has cheated on them while they have no idea about the actual incident.

WVP International also faced the issue. There are many incidents where the scammers take the name of the company and try to scam people. To prevent this incident; the company thought that proper knowledge of the aspirants are the only way.

So, they started the WVP International Fraud Protection policy. In the policy; there are detailed descriptions of the frauds that take place in the immigration industry. They discuss in detail how many types of scams are there generally. Many people offer lower rates while some come up with fake IDs of any leading immigration consultancy.

After knowing about the type of fraud; then there is a detailed description of how they can identify the fraud and what they have to do after that. Then there is a segment where the company tells in detail what the aspirant should do and don’t to avoid such nasty practice.

There are certain things that every aspirant must check before they hire someone. It is always important to check the registration number of the immigration agency. For any individual agent; unless they are registered with the immigration department of that particular country; he is not eligible to do the process. After registration; they will get a unique number that you can check from the website.

Many people offer a much low rate for the job. However; immigration is an expensive affair. If anyone offers you a very low rate; then there must be something very suspicious.

Along with that; they also informed the customers of the steps they have taken in the organization. The whole office is under CCTV camera surveillance to protect against any malpractice.

Why WVP International Is The Most Recommended Immigration Agency

In Delhi, most of the people who are willing to migrate, visit different immigration agents. To find out the most reliable and top visa consultancy in Delhi, they rely on the recommendation. In this situation, the people who have already migrated to different countries recommend others about the agencies they got assistance from. Surprisingly, most people recommend WVP International in general.

The main reason is that people who have tried other consultancies are not that much happy as the customers of WVP International always prefer them. For that reason, they often recommend and re-use their service again and again.

Now, the question is that how the company has managed to keep such a good reputation while others are struggling to make a name. It is not easy in immigration to make a name and keep it intact. The main reason is that the reputation of the immigration industry is quite fragile. They often get a bad name due to different reasons.

Most of the agents come to this occupation without proper knowledge, qualification, and eligibility and as a result, they don’t get much success. Apart from that, there are some consultancies that provide good service in the initial times but when they get success the dedication decreases with time. When they don’t get results for the customers, they get furious and post bad reviews for the companies.

Another reason you may find many bad reviews of the company is that there are many competitors who take the wrong ways to spread bad words for others. They write reviews from anonymous or fake profiles in order to defame the competitors. And finally, there are events of frauds as well.

However, all of the factors are not applicable to WVP International. Though they are in the business for years, they are still very much care about the quality of service. They are as much dedicated as they were in their early days. Even after getting success, they always strive for betterment. This constant endeavor helps the company to stand aloof and serve best.

The competitors are also very happy with the company. The reason is that the immigration industry is suffering greatly from frauds. In this scenario, the company brings out the WVP International Frauds Protection policy. It is an excellent way to make people aware of the incidents that can be considered malpractice. Apart from that, they will know how to identify a genuine company.

How To Save Immigration Company From False Allegation

The Immigration industry is pretty vulnerable. Along with the cutthroat competitions, there are the scope of failure and the rage of the customers that can spoil the hard earner reputation. It is very tough to earn goodwill in this industry which is full of bad reviews, feedbacks, complaints, scams, fake agents, an allegation.

In between these challenges, WVP International manages to save its name. For that reason, when you search for the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi the name of this consultancy always flashes on the screen. Before going to the secret on how they manage to do that we need to know these fake allegations pop up. Unless you are aware of the source, you cannot get rid of it.

How the fake allegations come up?

We have already told you that the immigration industry is very much vulnerable where a simple mistake can put your reputation at stake. For that reason, all the consultancies must be very cautious while assisting the aspirants. They should not give any false hope to the candidates so that they don’t have any false expectations regarding the immigrations.

There are so many factors like the competitions and demand apart from the profile of the immigrant applicants to decide the approval. When the result does not meet the expectation of the candidate and their applications get rejected; they become furious and post allegation and complaints about the company.

On the other hand, there are some competitors who play unfairly and post false allegations against the reputed company. If you check WVP International Complaint page of their website, there are a few reviews by some anonymous or fake profiles who never were clients of the company. They do this type of malpractice only to get business and use these false allegations in the favour of their business.

How To Save the name of the company from these allegations?

It is very easy to track the authentic and genuine complaints from the false ones as the immigration companies must know about the cases they have handled. The first thing they have to encounter those posts with the demand of proof for their claim. If they can post it on third party websites then you can request them to put down those fake posts.

However, the first thing is to stay honest with your customers. You should not give them any false hope and stay completely honest in the analysis stage. This is the golden key to keep your reputation high and untouched.

Why The Client Service Quality of WVP International Is Outstanding

We all know how vulnerable the immigration industry is. Most of the immigration consultants struggle to keep their standard of service high enough but a few of them able to achieve them. In this industry, no one can guarantee 100% success as visa approval depends on many factors. It is not the only profile of the applicants but also the criteria and the score of the competitors on which the visa approval depends.
For that reason, it is really hard for the agents to honestly commit success to the customers. On the other hand, people often take the service with the hope that they can do the impossible and get visa approval for immigration. However, when a few of them don’t get any result after lump sum investment; they get furious about the consultancies. As a result, they post bad reviews and feedback for the consultancy. Even the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi does not have 100% success.
In this scenario, it is really impressive that WVP International has so much good feedback and reviews that are really impressive. People often get shocked after checking the WVP International Reviews. It is because that the client service quality of the company is top-notch.
From the very first day, the company has a strict aim to provide the best possible service to the customers. Moreover, they always stick to honesty as their part of service.
It is very important to get an honest profile analysis. It is the basic problem that can be sorted easily if the consultant is honest. There are many criteria of immigration and it is not possible for most of the candidates to know everything about it. That’s why they come to the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi to know about the possibility after analyzing their profile. Many times, the consultants don’t give an honest review and as the result, they don’t get selected for the visa.
This is the most important segment for WVP International that helps them to sail perfectly with success in so many years. For example, if the candidate has any drawback in his or her profile then the scope or ranking will be low. Before submitting the form, they have to rectify that so that they have better scope for visa approval.
This is the reason why people trust the company. And when you check WVP International Reviews you can check that by yourself.

How Customer Service Is On Priority For WVP International

There are so many immigration consultancies in India; especially in Delhi. However, among them when anyone searches for Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi, the name of WVP Immigration always comes up in the search result. The sole reason is that they always put their customers before anything else.

Their utmost dedication towards customer service helps the people to get success in their goal. Whether the application form submission or making them aware of the frequent frauds that take place in the immigration industry; they have done so many excellent works that the customers keep flooding with good reviews and feedback for the company.

Customer service is always on priority for the company. They want every client of WVP International will stay happy because that is the only way they can gain success. They are in the immigration industry for the long run. And to sustain in this highly competitive yet vulnerable industry, they only need to maintain the standard of customer service.

From dedication to honesty, they surpass their competitors in every sector. And the final call is the WVP International Frauds Protection policy which is making a breakthrough in every segment.

  • Dedication: All the staffs of the immigration company work dedicatedly towards customer satisfaction and bring out the best possible result. Every one of the team knows how to do their job perfectly without any complaint. Their dedication is the only way to gain success in their individual life. That’s why; they always put the best finger forward to get the job done. They minutely check the application form so that there is no mistake and the hard-earned money of the aspirants will be saved.
  • Breakthrough Initiative: The company is known for launching the anti-fraud policy that educates and saves the aspirants from the ongoing frauds in the immigration industry. They make them aware of how to identify and avoid those people who may turn to scammers. If required they can report the indent in the proper channel to get quick justice. They also keep all safety measures to save their esteemed customers from any sort of fraud. Their office is under CCTV coverage and all the phone calls are recorded for future reference and safety of the customers.
  • Honesty: They keep their standard quite high in terms of honesty. The profile analysis is a vital thing to select the right visa category. The team does the job quite well so that every candidate has a maximum scope to get the approval of the visa.

How WVP International Tackles All The Complaints

The Immigration industry is a quite vulnerable industry. Here you cannot guarantee the success of the immigration approval. There are so many factors like the profile and the demand for that profile that one cannot predict accurately. The best thing one can do is to prepare best, follow the guidelines of the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi and think positively. It can be seen many times after so much effort, one fails to get the approval. They are not aware of the actual reason and blame the immigration consultancies for that.

It is a common instance for all the immigration agencies and no one has a record of 100% success in this industry. This is the reality that we have to accept. And many people post complaints on social media and other review websites criticizing them.

Surprisingly, if you search for the WVP Complaint, you will not get many results for that. The reason is that the company tackles all the complaints brilliantly. As part of the customer service industry; they know it is important to keep a good rapport with the customers.

So, here are the secret tactics that they use to tackle the WVP International Complaints.

  • Robust Initial Service: The first thing they do is to make the ground so firm that the chance of success will be very high. They start it with profile analysis. They honestly analyze the profile to find out the best match in terms of country and visa category for the aspirant. Then they suggest to them the right way maximize their chances. From their experience, they can predict which visa is the most suitable for them.
  • Cross Check: Before submitting the application form, they thoroughly cross-check the form. A single and minor mistake can lead to the cancellation of the application. As the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi they are responsible for the accurate form of their customers. So, they check every single word of the application to ensure accuracy. Moreover, they also cross-check all the documents to find out the authenticity of them.
  • Quick Resolve: After all the services, in case any customer does not satisfy or gets rejection and blames the company; then they take the quickest possible action. They contact the customers and find out the real reason for their outrage. They provide the best service to resolve the problems as soon as possible.

Advantages Of Having An Immigration Consultant For Visa Procedure

If you are thinking to migrate in the foreign countries then the first thing you have to do is to apply for an appropriate visa. You can either lodge the application by yourself or hire immigration agents to help in the entire procedure. Immigration agent is the right person who will help you in the entire process of obtaining the visa. This is the reason why WVP International Reviews are positive in all cases. Usually, a licensed immigration consultant understands all the requirements and thus will guide you throughout the process with ease. So you need to do deep research in order to consult the experienced and registered agent. WVP International Reviews are positive because they make sure that all your needs are fulfilled in a smooth manner. They also make sure that the entire procedure is done with affordable fees.
Benefits of hiring an immigration agent for the entire visa procedure:

There are several benefits of hiring agents for getting the visa. These benefits often lead to achieving positive WVP International Reviews. Let’s have a keen look at all the advantages.

Saves valuable time and money: Applying for a visa can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. It can also be an expensive affair as most of the consultants in the market focus on their own business. Make sure that you research well about the agents so that your entire visa application procedure can be hassle-free. The right immigration consultant can save your time and money knowing that the visa is appropriate for migrating. The consultant will always be there to help you in every step of the procedure. They make sure that you obtain the visa in a much easier way by using their services.

Transparency: When you hire the best consultants ensure that they help you in a legal manner. This is one of the major reason that WVP International Reviews are positive. Thus there is a certain level of transparency maintained with them. It is a helpful feature which is embedded in a very few agents as most of them lack this. The transparent agent makes sure that the entire information and knowledge about immigration is provided to you.

Uphold your personal privacy: There are plenty of online sources like government official websites are available to offer application advice and to gain insights from the real people of the same situations. The immigration consultants make sure that personal information is confidential.

Nova Scotia Express Entry Stream to Reopen In the Coming Weeks

A popular immigration stream in the province of Nova Scotia is scheduled to reopen ‘in the coming weeks,’ bringing a fresh opportunity to immigrate to Canada for Express Entry candidates in one of 16 targeted occupations.

Through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), the province will welcome applications for a provincial nomination certificate through its Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream. This stream has not been open for new applications since December, 2015.

As this is an Express Entry-aligned stream, candidates with a provincial nomination are awarded 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points and placed at the front of the line for selection in a subsequent draw from the pool.

Up to 250 applications will be accepted online for Category B of the stream, for which candidates must have at least one year of work experience in a target occupation. A job offer is not required for this category. Because it offers candidates in the Express Entry pool a way to apply for a provincial nomination certificate on a first-come, first-served basis, and because Nova Scotia is an increasingly popular immigration destination, it is likely that the upcoming intake will prove popular.

There is no indication that Category A, for which candidates must have a full-time permanent skilled job offer from a Nova Scotia employer, will reopen for the upcoming application cycle.

Eligibility requirements

Express Entry candidates who wish to apply to Category B of Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry must:

  • Have at least one year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) skilled work experience in the last six years in one of the 16 ‘opportunity’ occupations considered by Nova Scotia;
  • Have their foreign education credentials assessed, authenticated, and given an equivalent value in Canada by one of the four designated credential assessment agencies;
  • Demonstrate, by way of a standardized language test acceptable to the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia, at least an adequate intermediate language proficiency in English or French (Canadian Language Benchmark: 7);
  • Obtain at least 67 points on the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry points grid. Points are awarded based on language proficiency, age, work experience, education, and adaptability; and
  • Have a profile in the Express Entry pool.

Opportunity occupations

The updated list of opportunity occupations reflects the labour market needs of the economy of Nova Scotia.

The list includes eight occupations that were not on the previous list, which was in effect for previous application cycles. These eight occupations are in bold in the table below.

Financial Auditors and Accountants 1111
Other financial officers 1114
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 1123
Administrative assistants 1241
Accounting and related clerks 1311
Civil engineers 2131
Information systems analysts and consultants 2171
Computer programmers and interactive media development 2174
Computer network technicians 2281
User support technicians 2282
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012
Licensed practical nurses 3233
College and other vocational instructors 4021
Paralegal and related occupations 4211
Social and community service workers 4212
Financial sales representatives 6235

First step: get in the pool

All applicants to the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream must have a profile in the federal Express Entry pool before applying to the stream. This was not necessarily the case in 2015, when the stream was last open. Consequently, this process marks a departure from the process that was in place at that time.

Candidates in the pool who may be eligible for this stream may prepare their documents and forms in anticipation of the imminent reopening for new applications. It should also be noted that Nova Scotia plans on reopening this stream intermittently throughout 2017; therefore, candidates may prepare for a future intake, even if they don’t manage to submit an application for the upcoming intake.

An increasingly popular destination

Last week, the government of Nova Scotia announced that nearly 5,500 new immigrants settled in the province as new permanent residents in 2016, more than at any time in the last seven decades. The results show that Nova Scotia is well on the way to achieving its goal of welcoming 7,000 immigrants per year by 2024.

“I am so proud of these results; they reflect the hard work that we’ve been doing to grow our population and make Nova Scotia a more diverse and welcoming province,” said Nova Scotia’s Immigration Minister, Lena Diab.

With an eye towards breaking this new record again in 2017, Minister Diab added that she is “looking forward to another outstanding year for immigration. We have a total of 2,150 spots to fill in 2017, that is the 1,350 spots for our Provincial Nominee Program and 800 spots in our new program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. We’re on track to break more records.”

To find out if you are eligible to enter the Express Entry pool, the first step to immigrating to Canada through Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry, please fill out a  pre assessment today.

How WVP International Can Help To Fulfill Your Dream To Immigrate Australia

Australia is a beautiful country to live in. From the rich flora and fauna to diverse employment opportunities, there are many attractions to immigrate and settle in the country. For the people who are looking for the opportunity have to go through the points system of Australia Immigration department. WVP International is a company which helps the aspirants to understand and successfully apply for this system.
As per the WVP International Reviews, the maximum cases of failure to the Australian immigration system are due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance in this field.

When you are investing a huge amount for the application, it is better to be careful and know all the nitty gritty of the proceedings so that you can take an informed decision. However, due to the complex nature of the point system, many people get puzzled and confused. The WVP International Reviews have many instances documented like this.

If you want to live and work in Australia and have the access of the education, Medicare and nationality, then you have to find out whether the occupation you are opting for has listed under the Australia Point System Immigration. You have to score at least 65 points to be eligible for an Australian Visa.

If you search the WVP International Reviews, you can find the reference of the Medium Term Strategic Skills List or MLTSSL Occupation List. To become one of the strongest candidate based on the points, WVP International advises some tips to find the best way to apply.

Here are the criteria of the MLTSSL on which the points are disseminated.

Age: As per the general norm, it is one of the affected parts that can hamper your chance to move to Australia. The sooner you realize your dream, it will be better for you. The age range between 25 to 32 years will get the maximum points which are 30 whether people in between 18 to 24 years and 33 to 39 years will get 25 points.

Qualification: As per the WVP International Reviews, people with a PhD degree has the maximum chance to gain success as they can gain 20 points at a time. The Australian Immigration Department is very strict with the rule that only qualified people can access this facility to migrate.

Working Experience: The Skill Assessment has the process to verify the working experience. People with 8 years plus experience in their professional field will get maximum points.

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