The Highs and Lows of My Immigration Journey with WVP International

I recently used WVP International‘s services to apply for a Canadian PR visa. My experience was a bit mixed – some things went smoothly while other aspects left room for improvement.

On the positive side the consultant I worked with, Sangeeta, was very knowledgeable about all the latest immigration programs and rules. She explained the different options well and helped me pick the Express Entry program since I have a master’s degree. The application paperwork can get complex but Sangeeta ensured all my forms were error-free before submission.

Sangeeta accurately completed every detailed form on my behalf ensuring no errors would delay approval. Her legal expertise was invaluable for navigating the maze of paperwork related to frequent Canadian policy changes. I am very grateful for this vital support. Without her assistance compiling the error free application was impossible on my own.

However, administrative coordination was lacking at times. Appointment confirmations were sometimes late which led to long waiting times at their office. My document checklist got misplaced in their internal system, delaying matters. For such oversights staff rarely apologized instead casually citing internal process weaknesses. The front desk staff could be more attentive.

I am happy I finally got my PR approval but remain uneasy about some glitches in between. For a premium consultancy located in a prime spot like Nehru Place, I expected better workflow. Considering the hefty service fees, there is no excuse for mismanagement.

I would rate WVP International, Nehru Place 4 out of 5 stars presently. They have the capability to deliver 5-star service once organizational gaps are bridged. I suggest they invest more in customer service and IT infrastructure to match their consultants’ expertise. Once organizational kinks are smoothed out, I have no doubt WVP can deliver truly exceptional immigration assistance as its stellar legal guidance already reveals.